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 Information on Type 2 Diabetes - What it Tells You

Have you just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? Are you looking for a type 2 diabetes cure? Find out the truth about the type 2 diabetes cure.

The Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes can either be type 1 or type 2. Most people would consider type 1 diabetes to be more critical and serious because people suffering from this condition do not produce adequate insulin to regulate glucose levels. It is believed that genetic factors may play a big role in the development of type 1 diabetes. Type 2 on the other hand is characterized by insulin resistance. A type 2 diabetic's pancreas may be fully functional but the body's cells are resistant to the effect of insulin and do not take in as much glucose for cell energy production.

What is most common in Americans is the type 2 diabetes. Although it is as devastating as type 1, it can be easier to manage especially when detected early because it does not involve a defective pancreas.

The Type 2 Diabetes Cure

Up to the present, science has not yet come up with a type 2 diabetes cure. Even insulin shots in severe type 2 cases are not considered a cure because an individual would still have to rely on external sources of the hormone to regulate glucose. Some researchers are now currently exploring the possibility of pancreas transplants for type 1 sufferers which may also work for severe type 2 patients. Even transplant research however has not yielded a suitable type 2 diabetes cure. Transplants could be rejected by the host's cells or still end up failing to supply insulin.

People with type 2 diabetes are simply coping with the condition with prevention and some treatment. With proper treatment, individuals can lead lives that are close to normal even without a type 2 diabetes cure.

Risk Factors

Treating the condition before it develops into a full-blown type 2 diabetes condition is the first step to take. Treatment although relies on recognizing the symptoms early. Millions of Americans though do not show any diabetic symptoms until complications that affect the heart, eyes and skin have developed. One way to detect diabetes without the symptoms is to look at the risk factors. A family history of diabetes is most certainly a sign that you should watch over your blood glucose level or at least have it checked regularly. You should also be worried if you are heavier than the ideal weight for your age and height.


Prevention is the closest thing you can ever get to a type 2 diabetes cure. Not much can be done if you are genetically predisposed to diabetes. Genetically inherited diabetes can simply be regulated through diet, exercise and medication. A lot can be done however if you have diabetes because of your weight and your lifestyle.

Some researchers have shown that development of the type 2 diabetes condition can actually be delayed or prevented if treated in its early stages. Prevention lies primarily in strictly maintaining a planned diet and exercise program. Ask your doctor to teach you how to count your carbohydrates and come up with planned meals to keep your blood sugar level constant.

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